Are you ready to have more fun, shoot lower scores and hit better shots more often? Then you have come to the right place! The programs below have been designed based on experience, knowledge and expertise in the area of coaching golf. A good coaching program will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently than the traditional method of taking "lessons." I guarantee results with every program or I will refund your money with no questions asked. This is the year for you to finally improve and play your best golf when it counts, under pressure on the golf course. If you take the time to train your skills through the entire training process, I know you will love the results. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or to get started on a program.

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Coaching Opportunities for the 2017-2018 Season

Solo Coaching
Solo coaching sessions are a perfect addition to your program when you need individual time to discuss ball control skills and swing concepts. Based on your current skill level, you may need to go through a few sessions before moving forward into a program. New students may need to do 2 or 3 solo coaching sessions to go over all areas of your game that need improvement and make any necessary swing changes. After you have developed clear concepts and understand how to control your ball flight, it's time to move on to a group training program. Please keep in mind without the repetition, practice and feedback, your skills will not transfer to the golf course. Working through the entire program will guarantee you meet your desired goals. You will also have a chance to use the Flightscope after your session to work on carry distances with all your clubs.

Customized Training Program
Are you looking to improve this year but you can't make a commitment to a scheduled group session? Maybe you are tired of practicing and not seeing the results on the golf course. How you design and implement your practice session is critical to skill development and on course application. The research on learning is clear and should be applied to your game if you want to see results. It's not the amount of hours you put into your practice, it's how and what you are doing during your sessions that will increase your skill level and lower your scores. Sarah will design a plan that is based on your current skill level and time constraints. During the program you will also be communicating with Sarah on a regular basis with progress feedback and task completion.


Group Training Programs

Players Program - 4 to 8 players per session
The Players Program is designed for the golfer who wants to shoot lower scores, improve ball control skills and have the ability to commit to a consistent program. Please keep in mind this is a training program and not a "lesson" environment. Participants in the Players Program do not need lots of swing adjustments. Training sessions focus on skill development, shooting lower scores, managing your mindset and emotional state and developing better practice habits. This program involves 2 training sessions and 2 on course playing sessions every month. If you are interested in the Players Program please be sure you can commit to at least 2 training sessions per month. The best way to guarantee a spot is to commit to a specific day and time during the week. Your package includes 10 sessions to be used within 100 days of the start date. See available days and times listed below.

Boot Camp Sessions - 4 players per session
Boot camp sessions are open to MEN and WOMEN. This is a great opportunity for couples that enjoy learning together. Sessions are 60 mins long and will cover one or two specific game improvement areas. Boot Camp sessions include instruction on fundamentals and ball control concepts. If you are working on a swing change or in need of lots of skill development hours, this program is perfect for you. Your training package includes 10 sessions to be used within a 90 day period from the start date. You are also welcome and encouraged to attend the Operation36 Boot Camp on Tuesday afternoons as an addition to Boot Camp sessions on the practice facility.

Boot Camp - Operation36 for Golfers who shoot scores 55 and over
This is a new program for Boot Camp participants, newbies, niners or any golfer who wants to shoot scores closer to 50 more often. We are going to have a blast in this program while you learn to shoot lower scores and become more comfortable on the golf course. Each session will start with a clinic/practice session on a specific topic. Participants will then go onto the golf course and play 5 to 7 holes. Sarah will be driving around to assist you with any questions you have on the course and to help you with decision making skills. After golf cocktails and social hour is optional! This will be a larger group, up to 16 people, as we want to create a community where participants can learn together, play together and improve together!

On Course Coaching - 4 players per session
This is a 3 hour session with 3 of your friends or I will pair you in a group with others who play to your ability. Together, we will play 9 holes and have additional time to discuss your game, practice routines and develop a plan for your improvement.  A playing session is a great opportunity to discuss your on course decision making process, observe your short game execution and current ball control skills. Students will also have a opportunity to ask any questions that may come up during a round of golf. Play with the Pro sessions provide you with an excellent learning environment and opportunity to improve your game. If you are not in a group training program, I suggest doing 2 to 4 sessions during the season for maximum improvement.

Cocktails and Coaching
Sounds amazing right??!! This is a new addition for the 2018 season. Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 pm we will have a group training session that involves games, drills and competitive training. During this 90 min session you will be practicing your ball control skills while under a little pressure. This session will be fun and a great opportunity to socialize with other students in the program.

Unlocking your True Potential sessions will be held on Mondays from 4:30 to 5:45. In these sessions we will be learning to play the real game of golf, managing the golfers mindset and emotional state and developing a purposeful practice routine. We will also discuss your game and work on The Scoring Method journal you will receive with your 2018 program.

Aimpoint Green Reading
I'm a huge fan of Aimpoint and as of May, 2017 I'm also a certified instructor! In this session you will learn the Aimpoint Express Read and Speed techniques. The instruction will be taught on a very basic level and can be used by any level golfer. Remember Aimpoint Express was developed to teach 5 year olds! The fee for the first class includes instruction on reading putts 20 feet and under. Any additional classes you attend after the first session will by considered "practice" sessions and the fee will be reduced. The more supervised practice sessions you attend the more putts you will make!


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