Purchasing Options

There are 4 options on how to participate in The Scoring Method Program. Pricing is based on a credit system, where credits may be used for a variety of training sessions during your program. Don’t worry, Sarah will help customize your program after your first session! All you have to do it decide on a financial and time commitment program that works best for you and your needs.

Credits and Training Session Prices

  • Boot camp - $60 (1 credit) or $80 drop in rate

  • Purposeful practice - $60 (1 credit) or $80 drop in rate

  • On course coaching - $120 (2 credits) or $150 drop in rate

  • Play with the Pro - $180 (3 credits) or $200 drop in rate
  • Solo coaching - $60 (45 mins) or $80 drop in rate

Option 1: Monthly Program

This program has a minimum commitment level of 3 months. Why 3 months? Because you can't improve your skills and have them transfer to the golf course without consistency in your training. If you are serious about improving, you need to make the commitment. You will also receive additional bonuses if you commit to 5 or more months. All programs may be put on hold during holiday weeks.

Monthly Program Includes:

  • 3 credits for the month ($180)
  • Discounted fees for training sessions
  • Option to add additional sessions at the same rate
  • Improvement plan ($60 value)
  • Workbook and scorecards ($50 value)
  • Guaranteed spot in classes

Option 2: Credit Program

This program includes 10 credits for $600 and the credits must be used within 16 weeks or 4 months of your start dates with the exception of holiday weeks.

Option 3: New Student or Introduction Program for $800 (individual program)

  • 5 individual sessions and/or 10 training session credits
  • Scoring Method Workbook ($50 value)
  • Individual planning session ($120 value)
  • Personalized improvement plan ($60 value)

Option 4: Concierge Program for $2000 (individual program)

  • 12 hours of coaching
  • Guaranteed availability on Sarah's schedule
  • Play with the Pro session ($180 value)
  • Personalized improvement plan ($60 value)
  • Scoring Method workbook ($50 value)
  • Yardage chart and club gapping with FlightScope ($120 value)
  • Stat tracking program
  • Weekly coaching calls