"I'm on a mission to help golfers shoot lower scores and develop confidence through my unique coaching and training programs. You can improve your game and have more fun in the process. Follow my blog, commit to a program, attend a golf school, or join my online coaching center. I invite you to experience the difference of Sarah Dant Golf. I guarantee you will love the results!"  - Sarah Dant



What to Expect


Confused? Frustrated? Looking for a different approach to improving your game? Then you have come to the right place. I believe every student is unique in their physical abilities, learning style and time constraints. So you will never see a one size fits all method in my coaching sessions. The instruction is easy to understand. The programs are customized for you. And the learning environment is always fun and relaxing.

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You have a goal and you're ready to make the commitment to play better golf. But where do you start? What area of your game needs the most attention? This is where a coach can become your best friend. Every golfer needs a plan, a program, a practice routine and a person to guide them through the journey. Find out what your game needs here. Make the commitment and love the results!

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I love to write. I love to share. I love to inspire you. Here is where I share my golf life in hopes it will help you with your game! My ideas come from all of you, my clients and friends. I hear your concerns. I share the same fears. And I understand golf can be extremely confusing and difficult to learn. Follow me, share with me and let's be in this journey together.

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