It all began in the early 90's. 20 years later here I am....

Coaching golf has definitely become my passion over the years. My teaching career started in 1993 as a freshman in high school. I decided the golf business was exactly where I wanted to be in life. My golf pros growing up gave me the opportunity to be involved in the golf operation and assist with the junior program. That was the beginning of my love affair with coaching golf.

I attended Mississippi State in 1997 in the PGA PGM program. After graduation I took an assistant professional position at Belle Meade C.C. in Nashville, TN where I worked for 5 years. There I gave a lot of lessons, built a successful junior program and started to develop my “teaching philosophy.” Or so I thought at the time.

In 2006 I was offered a teaching position at The Golf Club of Tennessee in Nashville. When Toby Wilt hired me this was a huge honor and a major boost to my teaching career. During the winter months I taught in Naples, Florida at Naples Grande Golf Club. I still teach at The Golf Club of TN during the summer but have expanded my business and moved on to a wonderful place in Naples, Royal Poinciana Golf Club. This will be my 7th season at Royal Poinciana Golf Club and I look forward to my winter season every year!

Thankfully, my coaching philosophy has progressed over the last 15 years due to a few individuals who have helped shape who I am today. In 2014, I attended three coaching workshops with performance consultant and sports psychologist, Dr. Rick Jensen and Top 100 Instructor, Henry Brunton. The experience was life changing to say the least. My teaching philosophy was introduced to a whole new world of skill acquisition and motor learning concepts.  Dr. Rick was able to confirm my concerns with the tradition teaching styles. And has been instrumental in the changes I have made with my coaching program. I have also had the privilege of coaching with Vision54 coaches, Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott after attending their golf schools as a student and a coach.

Today I spend the majority of my week conducting small group coaching sessions and working with individuals on their personalized programs. My students are happier with my modern coaching techniques and the results we see on a daily basis are incredible. I love to learn and grow so I always look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience into this next chapter of my life.


My Education Includes....

  • Elected to PGA Membership in 2004
  • PGA Certified Teaching Professional in 2006
  • Marketing Degree from Mississippi State University
  • Graduate of the PGA PGM Program at Mississippi State Univ. in 2002
  • Member of Proponent Group, The Premier Network of Golf Instructors
  • AimPoint Certified Golf Instructor - Green Reading System
  • Trained by Dr. Rick Jensen in Mental Skill Assessment and Skill Acquisition
  • Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Golf Professional
  • Vision54 Coach and Participant, Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson
  • Certified Modern Golf Coach, Dr. Rick Jensen and Henry Brunton
  • Will Robins, RGX Coach of The Scoring Method
  • New Rules of Golf Instructor, Charlie King
  • Promotes Edel Golf
  • XXIO Staff Member


As your coach....

I will listen carefully to your needs and desires before designing a program or making swing changes.

I will communicate the mechanics of the golf swing in an easy and clear way as to not cause any confusion or misunderstanding in your game.

I will be careful when providing advice as it needs to be aligned with your current skill level.

I will provide a fun, relaxing learning environment where you have the opportunity to participate in productive practice sessions during the skill building process.

We will engage in on course coaching sessions and target areas of your game that will lower your scores including decision-making skills and self-management skills.

I guarantee you will improve your game and reach your goals if you put in the work and commit to the process. If at any time you are not satisfied with my services I offer a money back guarantee, no questions asked.