Hi Everyone,
I’m so excited it’s September!!! Cooler temperatures are around the corner and in less than 45 days I will be heading back to Naples for the winter. Yippee!!! I look forward to reconnecting with all of you the end of October. This time of year I love to spend time reflecting on last season and deciding what tiny tweaks need to be implemented this upcoming season. I’m always looking for ways to provide higher quality coaching and a more effective learning environment so you have the opportunity to succeed. We saw some amazing game transformations last year and I know this season can be even better. If you are interested in improving your game, lowering your scores and hitting better golf shots more often, the following player development programs can help you get there. You CAN play your best golf this year!
** If you already drink the “Sarah Dant Kool-Aid” and want to see program details, skip to the bottom of this email. Contact me to reserve a spot in any of the group sessions. Even if you will not be in Naples until January, please let me know you are interested so I can save you a spot. **
Last April, we had the opportunity to hear Dr. Rick Jensen speak at Royal Poinciana GC. I have spent many hours training under Dr. Jensen over the last 3 years. Personally, my time with him last April was a huge eye opener in regard to the way I coach and the programs I offer my clients. My goal is to provide all of you with the best learning opportunity possible. I also want to provide you with high level coaching at a reasonable price. Let’s face it, golf instruction is expensive! The number of hours you NEED to put into your game to see improvement can add up in dollars. With Dr. Jensen's help, I designed the following programs so that you have the opportunity to succeed in a fun, relaxing and productive learning environment. 
I realize the group format is different than your traditional “lesson-taking” environment. And for some people the idea of sharing the teacher’s attention is an odd concept to grasp. Trust me. I understand. I had a hard time grasping this myself. But I have seen the results and if you are serious about developing stronger skills (links on the chain), you need to work through the 4 stages of skill acquisition. This means you need ball control concepts along with hours of training those concepts in a supervised practice environment. The majority of golfers don’t need more “lessons.” To see results you need a better coaching program and I promise to provide the best opportunity for your game possible. This year let’s play and learn golf the same way we learned sports as a kid. On a team, in a practice environment, engaged in skill development!!!
As you read through the information below you may get overwhelmed or confused with the available options. PLEASE feel free to contact me and discuss the best program to fit your personal goals. Just keep in mind the group sessions fill up fast. If you want to participate be sure to let me know what session works best for you.
Will you still be offering private sessions?
Of course! Group training is just an option to safe you money, learn with others and give you the opportunity to participate more often.

Can I attend a few sessions instead of committing to a full program?
Yes. You have the option to participate in any program that fits your schedule. Just be aware that sessions fill fast and may not be available every week. The earlier you book the better!

My game is not that good and I'm intimidated to be with others.
Honestly, no one is paying attention to your game during the training session. Most people are worried about themselves!

I’m only in Naples for a few weeks or days at a time. Can I join a group on a random basis?
You can always book any sessions in advance and/or be on the alternate sub list. I will be sending out an email Saturday morning with available sessions for the upcoming week.
Player Development Programs for 2016-2017
The programs are based on the The Four Steps to Mastery and Skill Acquisition. Because golf is a motor skill, it’s critical we train your skills through the entire process if you want to see results when it counts (under pressure). Practice sessions that include transfer-training drills will allow you to play your best golf more often. While you are learning a new concept or training a new motor pattern (swing change), you will need to spend time in a supervised practice environment.  During a practice session I can monitor your improvements and provide necessary feedback and guidance.
Learning Environments
The learning environment is a critical component to your performance and long term retention of skills. Research shows the environment we practice in and how we practice will determine how we move and change. Our goal is to train your brain to perform a task so that later, on the golf course, you can perform.  Each week I will set up the practice facility with drills and games that will allow you to improve your skills, train your brain, practice with some pressure (transfer training) and achieve better results on the golf course. The supervised practice environment will be fun, relaxing and engaging. The monthly calendar will include specific topics we will cover. For example, the week of October 31st all sessions will be on the short range. This would also be a perfect time to take a short game learning session!

Available Coaching Opportunities
Individual Assessment and Planning Session - mandatory
I strongly encourage everyone to schedule this 90 min on-course session before starting a program this year. During this session, I will have the opportunity to target your strengths, identify needed areas of improvement and get a feel for your current ball control skills. The assessment will allow me to put together an execution plan that will help meet your desired outcomes. This session is a requirement for all new students. You also have the option to do this session with a friend or spouse! Sessions available starting Monday, October 24th.
Learning Session
A learning session is perfect when you need individual time to discuss ball control skills and swing concepts. Based on your current skill level, you may need to go through a few learning sessions before moving forward. A typical learning program would include 3 (50 min) learning sessions where we go over all areas of your game that need improvement. This option is perfect for new students who need individual attention while learning new concepts.
Sessions available starting Monday, October 24th.
Training Sessions (Supervised Practice)
Once you have clear concepts on how to control your ball flight, it’s time to practice, practice, practice. Please keep in mind these sessions are “supervised practice” sessions. I will set up the practice environment, give you drills and tasks to complete and provide feedback/coaching as needed. This is a great opportunity for you to be engaged in self-discovery while true motor skill learning takes place.You have the option to participate in training sessions on your own, with other people of your choice or in a scheduled group time such as a boot camp or players program class. Which group you participate in will depend on your time constraints and where you are in the skill development process.
Group Training Sessions – 2 options available
Players Program
The Players Program is designed for the golfer who wants to shoot lower scores and improve ball control skills this season and has the ability to commit to a consistent program. Training sessions focus on skill development, practice drills and on course application. This comprehensive program involves 3 training sessions and 1 on course playing session every month. If you are interested in the players program please be sure you can commit to at least 2 training sessions per month. The best way to guarantee a spot is to commit to a specific day and time during the week. If you need to skip a class I can always find you a sub.
** See the schedule below for more specific details.
Boot Camp Sessions
This year we are opening the boot camp sessions up to MEN and WOMEN! This is a great opportunity for couples that may enjoy learning together. Sessions are 60 mins long and will cover 1 specific game improvement area. Boot camp sessions also include some instruction on fundamentals and ball control concepts. If you are working on a swing change or in need of lots of skill development hours, this program is perfect for you. Students should plan to participate in 10 sessions to see desired results.
** See the schedule below for more specific details.
On – Course Playing Sessions
All playing lessons this season will be 90 mins to 2 hours long and can be done as an individual or in a group with up to 3 people. A playing session is a great opportunity to discuss your decision making process, observe your short game execution and ball control skills. Students will also have a opportunity to ask any questions that may come up during a round of golf. Playing sessions provide you with an excellent learning environment. I love playing lessons and golfers tend to have more fun when friends are involved!


Suggested Program for New Students
Start by scheduling an assessment and planning session. Depending on your skill level we can also start on the practice facility. You will probably need to schedule 3 learning sessions so we can target the areas of your game that need immediate attention. Once you understand the basic concepts it’s now time to practice, practice, practice. To fully develop your skills, it’s my recommendation you should participate in a group training session, either Boot Camp Sessions or the Players Program. Individual sessions are also available if needed.
Current Students
Welcome back. I’m so excited to continue this journey with you! For those of you already participating in a program, you know the routine. If you haven’t made the leap to a player development program, I encourage you to try something different for your game this year. Try getting away from the random, lesson format and spend more time developing your skills in a training program. Honestly, the higher the handicap, the more attention your game will need. Contact me to discuss your game and program. 
Players Program Tuition:
4 to 6 players per session
$240 per month – Includes (3) training session and (1) 9-hole playing session per month. 6 1/2 hours of coaching. Tuition guarantees a spot each week. Subs will be available.
$480 per month – Includes (6) training sessions and (2) 9-hole playing sessions per month. 13 hours of coaching. Tuition guarantees a spot each week. Subs will be available.
** Masters program available for returning players from last year. $350 per month. Check with me for complete details. **
$600 – Includes 10 sessions to be used during the season.
You will be added to the sub list and I will email you on Saturday morning to let you know what spots are available each week. Perfect for someone who is out of town or cannot commit to a specific time.
Available Sessions: Beginning the week of October 31st
Monday – 9:00 to 10:30 am – Women
Monday – 10:30 to 12:00 pm – Women
Tuesday – 9:00 to 10:30 am – Men
Wednesday – 9:30 to 11:00 am – Women
Wednesday – 11:00 to 12:30 pm – Advanced Women, competitive group
Wednesday - 1:00 to 2:30 pm - Men and Women
Thursday – 11:00 to 12:30 pm – Men
Friday – 9:00 to 10:30 am – Women
Friday – 10:30 to 12:00 pm - Women

Boot Camp Tuition:
4 people max per session
$400 – includes 10 sessions to be used during the season.

Available Sessions: Beginning the week of October 31st
Mondays – 12:30 to 1:30 pm – Men and Women
Tuesdays – 10:30 to 11:30 am – Newbies, nine holers and higher handicappers
Tuesdays – 11:30 to 12:30 am – Newbies, nine holers and higher handicappers
Wednesdays – 4:00 to 5:00 pm – Men and Women
Thursdays – 9:00 to 10:00 am – Men and Women
Thursdays – 10:00 to 11:00 am – Newbies, nine holers and higher handicappers
Fridays – 12:30 to 1:30 pm – Men and Women

You also have the option to form your own boot camp group if the above times are not convenient.

Website updates
I am currently working on updating the Naples page on my website. I did post some new short game videos on my blog. If you are interesting in watching, click here to be redirected to my site. Will be in touch next week with prices, scheduling info and more details.
If you want to reserve a spot in any of the programs, please let me know through email or text. Thank you for reading through the above information. I hope you have a great week!

Sarah Dant